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The world comes alive when you hear it or see it, and I am lucky enough to work on location with the excellent teams at The Independent's Sound and Vision division as well as having a weekly Travel Video Diary which goes live every Saturday morning on the Independent’s website. In addition, I am called on from time to time to talk about travel crunches and crises on a whole variety of radio and TV programmes.

In the UK, we are in the lucky position of enjoying the most competitive travel industry in the world. Most of the time, it works remarkably well and delivers formidable value. But with intense rivalry can come the pressure to cut corners or to treat customers with disrespect. So, whether it's pretending flights are available for £10 when the actual price is nearer £100, or the dismal treatment of passengers when trains are disrupted, I try to challenge the travel industry when necessary - and to give praise where it's due.

I also present the Global Guru segment of The Travel Show (BBC2 & BBC World) where viewers email travel queries and I answer them on air. The Travel Show is the weekly leisure and business TV travel programme broadcast to a global audience of more than 303 million homes, reaching 71 million viewers each week.

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