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In February 2011 the Independent asked if I'd like to make a short weekly video diary featuring where I've been, who I've met and what I think about current travel issues.

Knowing how difficult it is to be behind the camera and on camera at the same time, Charlotte Hindle from North East South West Ltd operates the camera, directs and edits these short films and here are results. They are all shot on a small, hand-held camera (which means we can be as unobtrusive as possible) and means they are not works of art, but more a window into my world of travel.

The films mostly fall into three categories: On Location which is me either abroad or in the UK showing you around a city or a site; Travel Issues which is where I might offer advice or give some tips on a travel-related subject; and Travel Personalities where I interview someone who is key to the travel world like Tony Wheeler from Lonely Planet or Michael O'Leary from Ryanair.

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